D-Structure SF // This is not a video game

      Many times throughout our day to day lives things seem to be far from real. We’re constantly distracted by the necessities of our life and forget about the rawness and importance of our individual lives. Almost as if we are an avatar inside of a video game, the unreal expectations we’re presented with convolute our youthful ideology relating to life and everything it has to offer. People need their naive enthusiasm, their intuitive creative expansion, their vast thoughts and seamlessly insane dreams. This is not a video game; but it is a floor to ceiling exhibit reminding us that life is more than that.

One of One Exclusive

      Every art piece produced is a one of one exclusive. All of the photos, prints and frames are hand made by the artists. Using various resources, they have chosen to forgo the common process of buying prints and frames, instead opting to produce each piece of art by hand. While the process is more time consuming than other options, the artists feel that each picture deserves the utmost respect and care. When admiring a Devoir piece, one can have comfort in knowing that the artists personally shot, printed, varnished and mounted each picture on unique hand-built frames.

Blackbird Bar

      The Blackbird Bar located on the famous Market Street in the heart of San Francisco Warmly welcomes all their guests to their local drinking hole. They offer local wines by the glass, Atrisanal beers you will not find anywhere else, and one-of-a-kind craft cocktails sure to tempt your taste-buds. If you’re looking for the perfect bar to kick back, have an amazing drink, and meet interesting people then Blackbird is your place. The captivating atmosphere has put the bar at the top of the top for San Francisco’s night life crowd. Blackbird is comfortable, welcoming, mellow, and never serious… The neighborhood bar is back.

Artist Biography // Dylan Ozanich

      Dylan Ozanich, fine art photographer and business owner, was born in Grass Valley, California. Dylan’s uncommon renditions of city life and style along with his alluring view of different cultures provide us with a unique view into photography. As one half of the San Francisco-based art tandem Devoir Art Collective, Dylan Ozanich’s work has been exhibited throughout San Francisco, as well as in New York City, and Las Vegas. Self taught, Dylan’s drive for learning and knowledge as well as his influence from creative expression have set his style apart from many . His aunt was a professional photographer as he was growing up, so he was surrounded by the camera since birth. He is currently residing in San Francisco, where he works to furthers his photography career. To view his personal website please visit DylanOzanich.com.


Artist Biography // Jason Backrak

      Jason Backrak started defining his main passion by exploring many different forms of art at a young age. Crayola wall scribbles slowly turned into replications of Clavin and Hobbes comics, and by the start of middle school had evolved into fine art drawings of automobiles- subconsciously influenced by his grandfather who was a successful electronics engineer. Jasons’ introduction to music came shortly after when he received an electric guitar one Christmas; percussion and bass soon followed. When Jason turned to photography in 2008, it became one of his main outlets for artistic expression. This was the single medium he felt he could fully project emotion through. He then spent 3 years defining his style until the Devoir Art Collective was started in 2011.


Park Chow // Forces of Nature.

      The show was constructed of 17 pieces depicting the forces of nature all printed on wood. We printed the work on cherry wood giving the photos both the textures of the photograph and of the wood grain. The cityscape images follow the idea that one day, this will all be gone and the trees will take back over the endless miles of concrete we have laid. The crashing waves were the contrasting aspect, showing the sheer force of nature and its unrelenting power and determination no matter what we build and throw at it, it prevails and one day it will be all that’s left.

About Devoir

      Devoir is a collaborative fine art and photography duo ran by Dylan Ozanich and Jason Backrak. The project focuses on capturing real life moments that convey both the beauty and struggles of everyday life. Their photography ranges from the rawness of life in urban areas to the pure beauty of rural scenery, including everything and anything in between. They believe that photography is the premier way to instantly capture the moment, so it is important to include every kind of lifestyle or scene in their art. The artists hope that fellow enthusiast for everyday life can appreciate one of the large variety of stills to often remind them of what is important.

      They chose the name “Devoir” because of the definition of the word; an act or expression of respect or courtesy, the necessity to do something. They live by what the word represents, expressing their creativity and exploring anything within an artistic medium in order to capture the beauty of everyday life. With this is mind, it becomes easy for them to give their all while exploring a continuously growing passion and love for art.


Dylan Ozanich // Never Fast Enough